Things To Do…

I pride myself (like an idiot?) on always keeping busy, between writing and publishing… but even I think I’ve stretched myself a bit thin these days…

I decided to set some deadlines for myself and get some things finished, especially with an actual Rymfire Books schedule starting next month… crossing the fingers and toes that I can finish a plethora of ideas by the end of January (or as many as is humanly possible!)…

Things that need to be finalized and finished include (but sure aren’t limited to):

Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer novella (doing the final edits and waiting on the cover art)

Extreme Undead Collection Volume One (going to be putting four zombie novellas – Highway To Hell, Darlene Bobich: Zombie Killer, Dying Days and Zombie Tea Party) out in one omnibus edition)

A few short stories for anthologies: one about a teddy bear, one about a chapel and a horror western tale

A shared world Zombie novella (halfway done, due January 15th)

Releasing an awesome non-fiction book about Heavy Metal (more info once the contracts are officially back, looking at an early January release)

Releasing an awesome horror novella from an author (yeah, I know, but contracts need to be signed first, and a late January, early February release if possible)

Another five novellas currently on the table that I need to decide on for February-March-April release dates

Metal Queens Monthly #3 due January 13th (have enough, just need to format it)

Zombie Writing! non-fiction zombie book with so many killer authors involved your head will spin (lots to do, lots to still get in, but a January 20th release date is not that bad)

Organizing and formatting a handful of erotica short stories by K. Lee Thorne to publish (hopefully beginning in February)

Dying Days 2 zombie novella (currently getting donations for this one so it can be big, info at

Still Dying: Scenes From Dying Days novella (added stories from minor characters in the Dying Days world)

Blog tour eBook release (a FREE collection of my many blog posts and added bonus material)

Chelsea Avenue horror novel rewrite (first draft done, needs to be ripped apart and revamped in early 2012)

Tool Shed horror novel (finish first draft!)

Hammond Beach horror novel (finish first draft!)

There you have it… almost twenty things on my lap to finish, not to mention all the extra stuff that gets added like new anthologies, promoting everything out, anthologies/novellas currently making the rounds that are going to be accepted or rejected and re-sent… and I wouldn’t trade any of this chaos for nothing…

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