Any Ideas?

Anyone have any ideas for good topics for my upcoming blog tour to promote my “Skulls” collection?

Besides a few interviews, I’ll be doing some posts about each specific story in the collection, as well as in-depth stories about my other releases…

Anything else I can talk about? My goal would be to get 20-30 solid blogs together and someday put them all into a release…


Guest Blog Interview – Kate Larkindale

Tell us about your story appearing in the “Post Apocalyptic Raids”
anthology (no spoilers, please!)

My story is called After the Rains and takes place on an earth that
has been destroyed by a climactic disaster – it’s been raining for 12
years.  Most of mankind has relocated to another planet and those who
are left on Earth are scavenging to survive.  My main character was
left behind because she was drunk and now she treats survival as a
game.  She’s nihilistic enough to enjoy it, but makes sure she has a
way out if survival stops being fun.  This all changes when she finds
a child amongst the ruins.

Is this your first apocalyptic tale?

Yes.  This is my first apocalyptic tale.

What do you think of the state of horror books, and the apocalyptic subgenre?

There is a lot of apocalyptic and dystopian literature around at the
moment, so I think the genre is in quite good shape.  I’m no expert on
it, because I very rarely read horror anymore.

Some of your favorite authors that inspired you?

It will probably sound odd, but I was inspired to write this piece by
some of the great Russian absurdists, Gogol and Bulgakov.  There is
something about the skewed way they viewed the world…

What is your ultimate – realistic – goal as a writer?

I would love to be able to write full time.  But first up I would like
to get a novel published.  Then we’ll see…

What are some of your influences?

I write primarily YA so my influences are probably very different to
most of the other writers in this anthology.  My most profound
influence has to be SE Hinton since reading The Outsiders when I was
twelve was what set me on the road to being a writer.

Give us a typical day in your writing schedule.

I get up at 5.30am and write until my kids get up at seven.  Then I
usually do another hour or two at night, after the kids are in bed.
And if I can steal any other time during the week, I will.

What story/book of yours are you most proud of, and why?

I’m proud of so many of my stories.  This one, because it was the
first time I tried writing something sci-fi and I think it came out
really well.  But I’m also proud of all my novels, even if none of
them have been published yet.

What are you working on now?

I’m just finishing my 6th novel, a contemporary YA about a fifteen
year old girl coming to terms with her sexuality.

Shameless plug time… where can we find your work and you?

My work can be found in numerous publications including Daily Flash,
Cutlass and Musket: Tales of Piratical Skullduggery, Drastic Measures,
Rapunzel’s Daughter: After the Happily Ever After, A Fly in Amber,
Residential Aliens and many more.

I blog here:

And I can usually be found behind the counter at Wellington’s iconic
Paramount Cinemas, where I am the manager.

“Skulls” short story collection from Armand Rosamilia

My latest release is a short story collection, gathering several stories from over the years that I’m quite proud of…

Six tales from author Armand Rosamilia, including “Memorial Site”, “Vacation’s End”, “1920 Gallery Card #4”, “Stairs To The Ocean”, “Beastie”, “Crow Mill Bridge” plus a preview of the urban horror novella “Death Metal”