Daily Update on Writing and Publishing

I decided to give a random day-in-the-life of me for no apparent reason when it comes to writing and publishing… if I get any feedback I might do these more often, but it’s just a look inside since a few people e-mailed me today about various releases…


I updated the horror anthology I Executioner in SmashWords (http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/85478) so it flows better… the new formatting took me over an hour but it’s a better book for it…

Read thrtee submissions for the upcoming State of Horror: California anthology (last day for submitting is today!) and came away with one maybe so far…

Read four submissions for the upcoming Rymfire Erotica anthology (horror erotica) and rejected them… this one is still open, and there are a bunch of stories in the slush pile but so far too many cliche’ tales… but plenty more to read…

Did a rewrite of my “Memorial Site” short story, which will be featured in my upcoming short story eBook collection, Skulls. Look for a nice mix of new tales, reprints and notes from me… and best of all? No zombies, lol…


Also did a read-through of my “Zelebrity Money” zombie short story, which will be included in my Zombie Tea Party short story eBook collection… again, a  nice mix of new stories, reprints and author notes… more info to follow, of course…

Finally, I wrote another chapter of my Apocalypse: Belford epic novel, shooting for 100,000+ words… have about 3,000, so I’m a ways off… but getting some good words in…

Oh, and did rewrites on the first two chapters of Chelsea Avenue horror anthology… about 40,000 words on it and shooting for novel-length… looking solid so far…

Tomorrow I am off from work (I have extensive physical therapy in the morning) and hope to be in good-enough shape to finish up another short story or two and add more to the novels… wish me luck!


Guest Blog Interview – Mark Tufo

Tell us about your story appearing in the “Undead Tales” zombie anthology (no spoilers, please!)

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Armand invited me to be in this anthology along side some of the larger than life names in this genre. When he first approached me I almost didn’t do it because of the submission requirements (5000 words or less), if anyone has read my Zombie Fallout series you’ll realize that I tend to be a little long winded.

Is this your first zombie tale?

This is not my first tale and hopefully not my last either, I can’t get enough of the brain eaters.

What do you think of the horror book market, and the zombie subgenre?

I grew up reading horror, some of my earliest memories of reading were of Stephen King. As for the zombie subgenre, I know it is a small portion of the overall myriad of books but it is the first area I go to when I’m looking for something to read.

Some of your favorite authors that inspired you?

I guess I’d have to go back to my roots, Stephen King is where I started. There is just nothing like getting a good scare on, curled up on the couch with your feet tucked up under you lest something grab them on the floor!

What is your ultimate – realistic – goal as a writer?

My ultimate goal would be to have my family and I live comfortably from the proceeds from my books. My realistic goal would be that they do well enough that I could do in this life what I LOVE to do as opposed to what I HAVE to do.

What are some of your influences?
Music, is a huge influence for me. I sit at my computer and wear earphones with the tunes cranked. It’s weird but it tends to help me focus on the story by pushing everything else both externally and internally away.

Give us a typical day in your writing schedule.

I don’t think I’m nearly as prolific as a lot of other writers I have seen answer this question. I’m happy if I hit the 1000 words a day mark, stoked at 1500, pretty friggen pleased at 2000 and on some days I hit 3000 and I’m tapped. It’s like the creative well is just plain dry.

What story/book of yours are you most proud of, and why?

I think it has to be my Indian Hill series, it was something I started when I was back in college and it sat for close to 15 years in my garage before I pulled the first half of book one out of a box. I finshed that, than book two and then the third, and I did it for myself I had previously not sold one copy.

What are you working on now?

Right now I am working on Zombie Fallout 4: The End Has Come and gone which is due for release on October 1st.

Shameless plug time… where can we find your work and you?

I’m on FB, Twitter, and marktufo.com. My books are available on amazon and just about every other ebook distributor. I also have hard covers available on amazon.

“Undead Tales” zombie anthology Review!

Just got in a really nice review of the “Undead Tales” zombie anthology!


Read it and let me know what you think!


Also have a nice review at