Darlene Bobich, Zombie Killer

I’ve decided to continue the story of Darlene Bobich, first seen in the Daily Bits of Flesh 2011 anthology, then as a short story, “Rear Guard”, in the Highway To Hell novella, as the star of the Dying Days novella, then in the Undead of Winter anthology, and also as a bonus short story “Frozen Blood” on Tyr Kieran’s blog at  http://www.tyrkieran.com/blog/2011/06/frozen-blood-horror-fiction/#more-616

My ultimate goal is to package Darlene’s story in one fluid book, in order, from her survival from Maine to Florida and beyond… I already have a sequel to Dying Days outlined, but I’ve had some readers want to know what happened between Maine and Baltimore, and then Baltimore to Florida…

I’ve decided to put together a few flash fiction/short story pieces of her connecting the dots, and posting them here sporadically for free. What do you think? Maybe even introduce a few new characters in the Extreme Undead Series as well.

I’m shooting for a July 4th flash fiction piece kickoff, so stay tuned…

And, yes, there really is a Darlene Bobich out there that I know via Facebook, who let me use her name for the character… little did she know…



Guest Blog Interview: Suzanne Robb


Tell us about your story appearing in the “Undead of Winter” zombie anthology (no spoilers, please!)           

My story “In the Dead of Night”, is simply about trying to survive an apocalypse in the dead of winter.  No power, strangers forced to become a team, and what happens when the reality of loss sinks in.


Is this your first zombie tale?

No this is probably my twentieth zombie tale, I have written some flashpieces as well as other longer fiction stories.

What do you think of the state of horror books, and the zombie subgenre?

I think there is something linking the reader to a particular state they are familiar with that makes the story more interesting, or something they can identify with.  The zombie subgenre is fascinating to many people, and all the different takes and interpretations make it one of the horror genres that can be constantly changed, added to, or kept the same and no matter what people will want to read it.

Some of your favorite authors that inspired you?

Christopher Moore, Jasper Fforde, Dean Koontz, ironically I am not a big reader of horror.

What is your ultimate – realistic – goal as a writer?

            My ultimate goal is to get a book of creative non-fiction stories I have written from the perspective of someone with anxiety and how situations can seem different to me.  I approach them in a funny way, but also try to let the reader understand people with anxiety do not have a ‘calm button.’

What are some of your influences?

            Everything around me influences me, movies, friends, family, social issues, I try not to read too much when I am writing in order to avoid mixing up stories, though sometimes if I am writing a horror piece I will read a comedy book and the end result is usually interesting.

Give us a typical day in your writing schedule.

            I get up, do what needs to be done, then go to the computer. Then do more of what needs to get done, then back to the computer.  A lot of times life and housework get in the way so there is no set writing schedule. Sometimes I have more times than others, when that happens I try and take advantage of it.

What story/book of yours are you most proud of, and why?

            The story I am most proud of is probably “Dentists, Autopsies, and Nutritionists, Oh My!” for theTwisted Library Press anthology Live and Let Undead, should be coming out in the next couple of months.  The stories are all based on what to do with the zombies after the apocalypse, and has some fantastic writers in it.  As for book, Z-Boat, it was just accepted for Publication through the Twisted Library Press, and it has been a project of mine for years.  To finally have it done and accepted is a real dream come true.

What are you working on now?

            Right now I am working on a sequel to my book, as well as outlining another book a publisher asked mef or.  In my free time I also still submit to anthologies that catch my attention.

Shameless plug time… where can we find your work and you?

                Mywebsite/blog is http://suzannerobb.blogspot.com/

                As for finding my work it is listed on the blog and I have an author page at Amazon, though many of the anthologies I am in come out later this year.


Suzanne Robb’s debut novel Z-Boat will be released by Twisted Library Press, under their Lbrary of the Living Dead Imprint.  Her stories are in current and upcoming anthologies with Coscom Entertainment, Pill Hill Press, Wicked East Press, Rymfire eBooks, Library of the Living Dead, Library of Fantasy, Norgus Press, May December Publications, Living Dead Press, Panic Press, Hidden Thoughts Press, and Static Movement.   In her free time she reads, watches movies, plays with her dog, and enjoys chocolate and Legos.

Guest Bloggers Comin’

Starting tomorrow – Wednesday, June 29th – I will be hosting a new friend each week for a quick Ten Question session… learn more about the author.. and about yourself? (Probably not, but it sounded good…)…

Anyway, tomorrow will feature the great Suzanne Robb…. fan of hers? Never heard of her? Want to know more about her? Check back tomorrow…